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Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt: Newport Beach

An incredibly fun and unique competition where you'll find out if your detective skills are good enough to solve a murder...

Each team is given a list of suspects along with a packet of tricky clues, twisted riddles and mind-bending puzzles. Our clues will systematically lead you to explore Newport Beach - the areas of Balboa Village, The Fun Zone, The Balboa Pier, Peninsula Park, and you'll even take the Ferry to Balboa Island and back.

Using your wits and some creativity, each location will reveal another piece of your investigation, and you'll eliminate suspects until you've discovered... Whodunnit?

Your team will compete against up to ten other teams scattered throughout the area, each leading their own separate investigation. The team that solves for the murderer needing the least help from headquarters wins.

The hunt lasts about 4 hours and involves traveling about 3 miles on foot. Allow extra time for signing-in at the beginning and socializing at the end.

OUR EVENTS ARE DESIGNED FOR ADULTS! There is no age limit, but the game is likely too mentally challenging for children under 12. Most other companies give you clues that are solved immediately upon viewing the object you're looking for. Our clues are meant to be challenging, so be prepared to think like a detective... Don't be intimidated... Most teams succeed at solving most of the clues, and there is a helpline in case you get stuck. But only about 60% - 70% of teams solve everything and reveal the killer. But teams that don't succeed in finding the killer still have a great time!

You will see some beautiful sights and explore unique areas, but Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts are EVENTS, not casual walking tours. We gather large groups together for a friendly competition, which adds to the thrill of the experience. And unlike some other companies, we do NOT combine your team with strangers and we DO limit the number of teams at each event to ensure that each team gets a separate starting point. This spreads teams out so that multiple teams are not seeing exactly what the other teams are doing. Every team solves all of the same clues, but in a different order. If you've ever played someone else's game, you know this makes a BIG difference.

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